RSAT - random genome fragments

Select a set of fragments with random positions in a given genome, and return their coordinates and/or sequences.

Program developed by Morgane Thomas-Chollier

Random fragments Fixed fragment lengths  bases      Number of fragments 

Use template file (bed coordinates or fasta sequences):

Paste template data     Paste your sequence (fasta format)

Or select a file to upload (.gz compressed files supported)

   URL of a sequence file available on a Web server (e.g. Galaxy).


Template format (bed coordinates or fasta sequences) 


Genomes in the RSAT Prokaryotes server were recently re-installed. Genome names now follow the NCBI standard to easily identify assemblies, if you cannot find your genome please check this naming list to find the correct ID: Genome IDs list

[List of organisms] not seeing your favorite organism in the list ? Contact us to have it installed


Sequences in fasta format   Mask repeats (only valid for organisms with annotated repeats)

Genomic coordinates. Output format